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Best CT scan Centre in Delhi NCR is the India's most trusty and well maintained website for diagnostic Lab. Computed Tomography Scan Machines produces an image by electromagnetic radiation and through CT scan you can scan any part of your body.

  • is the best affordable 24X7 online booking website which provides the facility of home sample collection anywhere, anytime in Delhi NCR.
  • is the best CT scan center in Delhi NCR as they provides fast and superior facilities of diagnostic tests by using the latest technology.
  • They have various highly trained, experienced and certified individuals.
  • Computed Tomography Scan Machines uses X- rays, x-rays are the powerful form of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Through Computed Tomography you can evaluate entire body.
  • The specially trained person uses multi- detectors CT scanners.
  • The images are obtained directly in the axial plane of varying tissue thickness with the help of a computer.
  • Although this scan in painless and provides test report in 10 minutes to 15 minutes easily.

Ct scan cost in Delhi

CT BRAIN COST 2000 1200
CT CHEST COST 3500 2200
CT KUB COST 4000 2500
CECT KUB COST 6500 3500
CT PNS COST 2500 1500

Cost of CT scan in delhi

  • Generally price of the CT scan in market starts from 2500 and go up to 15000 depends upon the the doctor.
  • The price in Delhi NCR of CT scan varies from labs to labs. As it starts from 2000 to 15000 depending on the specific CT Scan type and the lab that you go for.
  • Different kinds of CT scans has different price with different organs.
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CT scan in Delhi NCR through

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CT scan cost in Delhi

Here are some instructions that a patient should follow:

  • The Cost of CT scan in Delhi starts from Rs. 2000 to Rs.15, 000 depending on the location and quality of MRI Machine and it deflects from place to place.
  • With you can more than 50% discount on your CT scan.
  • Lowest price of CT scan starts on starts from @ Rs.1399

Types of CT Scans in Delhi

Various types of CT scans are as follows:

Abdomen CT scan

Abdomen CT scan by using the uses x-rays to detect several types of tissue, including organs such as the liver, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys, CT imaging of the abdomen helps.

Angiography CT scan

Angiography CT scan can be used to verify the heart disease of a patient in a scan. Angiography CT scan uses a contrast dye is injected into the arteries.

Chest CT scan

By using special equipment to obtain multiple cross-sectional images of the organs and tissues of the chest CT scanning is used. CT produces different types of images of different types of tissue including the lungs, heart, bones, soft tissues, muscle, and blood vessels.

Head CT scan

It is an scanning examination that provides complete information on head injuries, brain tumors, and other various brain diseases. CT scanning of the head shows show bone, soft tissues.

Spine CT scan

By using a scanner to obtain multiple images of the spinal column CT scanning of the spine is done. Spine CT scan is a type of x-ray examination. Spine CT scan is done when three-dimensional images are required.

What are the risks associated with the CT scan?
  • The CT scan use very minimal amount of radiation; therefore, the risk for radiation exposure is low.
  • If you are pregnant or your maternity period is on, you should share this information with your physician.
  • During pregnancy the radiation exposure may lead to birth defects.
  • The contrast dye is used for clear image meanwhile there is a risk for allergic reaction to the dye. If If the patients are allergic to contrast dye, patient should share this information to their physician for their betterment.
  • If a patients is suffering from kidney failure or other kidney problems then patient should share this information to their physician. In some cases, the contrast dye can cause kidney failure, especially if the person is taking a diabetic medication.
  • There may be some other risks depending upon medical condition and disease of the patient.
  • It is the priority of the patient to discuss any problem with your physician prior to the procedure.
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Where I can get the lowest CT scan cost in Delhi?

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