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PET / CT Scan in Delhi

Our certified team is practically well experienced that provides best service and guide properly about PET test. A PET scan is used to produces the images of the organs and tissues of the body. By the help of scanner the practitioner detects diseased cells that absorb large amounts of the radiotracer, which shows the health related problem.

During the test practitioner uses a sterile injectable radioactive chemical called a radiotracer and a device called a PET scanner.

Steps to perform PET/CT Scan

A PET scan measures important body functions, like metabolism. It helps doctors to check how well organs and tissues are functioning properly or not.

The following steps that are considered during a PET scan:

  • Patient will receive an IV injection of a radiotracer that contains some amount of a radioactive drug fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG).
  • The whole PET scan took 2 hours. Normally it takes up to 60 minutes for your body to absorb the radiotracer.
  • During this time, you will have to sit quietly and try to not produce movements.
  • In an hour, the organs and tissues absorb the radiotracer. Doctors sometimes also uses contrast dye. This dye helps produce more clearly visible CT images.
  • During the scan, the patient need to remain still in position. Movement can makes the images blur.
  • As the scanner takes images Buzzing and clicking sound will be audible. Normally the PET scan takes 45 minutes. After the test, you’ll got to wait while the technologist reviews the scans to make sure the pictures are clear.

What is the pet CT scan?

  • A positron emission tomography (PET) scan may be a sort of medicine imaging. A PET scan uses a tiny amount of radioactive material called a radiotracer, a camera and a computer to create images of the inside of your body. PET scans are most commonly used to detect or monitor cancer. Doctors sometimes also use a PET scan to evaluate heart and brain functioning.
  • During a PET scan procedure, a technologist will inject little amount of the radioactive tracer into a patient’s vein, usually on the within of an elbow. After the injection, the tracer will move through the body and take in tissues and organs. A patient will got to await about an hour for his or her body to soak up the tracer.
  • After the tracers are absorbed, the positron emission tomography scanner will detect the tracer and switch the info into 3-D images on a computer monitor. Some imaging centers combine PET scans with CT scans to make specialized images.
  • It measure vital functions, such as blood flow, oxygen use and blood sugar (glucose) metabolism. It Identifies organs and tissues that aren’t working as they should.

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Prerequisites for PET CT Scan

Here are some instructions that a patient should follow:

  • Patient should reach the lab half hour prior to the scheduled time.
  • Patient need to take his all the previous medical records, old PET-CT report & CD with him.
  • Patient might have to remain for at least 4 hours in the lab from the scheduled time as the entire PET scan process takes about two hours.
  • Patient need to be on fast minimum of 8 hours.

Any side effects of PET CT Scan?

Normally medical tests do not harm but in some cases, the PET CT scan can cause side effects on certain people.

Some common kind of side effects are as follows:

Pregnant women

Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding. Your doctor will suggest you how to prepare yourself based on the type of your exam. Going for a PET CT scan while being pregnant is strongly prohibited, as the radiation can harm the developing baby. If you're pregnant, confirm to let your doctor know.

Allergic reactions

Allergic reactions to radiotracers are extremely rare and usually mild. Share every single details with your doctor regarding any kind of allergies you may have. Describe any problems you may have had during previous nuclear medicine exams. Though it’s quite rare, certain people may be allergic to the radioactive tracer, due to present iodine allergies.

Breastfeeding mothers

We advise that breastfeeding mothers drink plenty of water to flush the dye as soon as possible, and pump and discard any breast milk produced for the first 24 hours following the scan.

Temporary side effects

The iodine-based contrast dye utilized in a PET CT scan can cause temporary side effects. PET scan sometimes cause side effects like diarrhea, nausea, etc.

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